Wormhole is a new cut-out animation by Anikists and Twisted Films

New kind of collaboration between Turku based animation collective Anikists and the production company Twisted Films takes place when joined forces make the 12-minute short film Wormhole. Using the digital technology new cut-out is about to be released in October 2015.

Art Director of the short movie is Simo Ruotsalainen, and it is directed collectively by Chrzu, Tommi Juutilainen, Lauri Järvenpää, Samppa Kukkonen, Antti Laakso, Joni Männistö, Lotta Rapeli and Elli Vuorinen, all former students at Turku Fine Arts Academy. The film has got financing from Finnish Film Foundation (SES).

The film is located in Vienna and the year is 1914. War veteran Otto (35) finds a wormhole to another dimension. Experience ruins her mental health and her  relationship with Emma. While Otto seeks help from Freud, Emma also finds solace on the couch.

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