Standout and stunning Finnish projects at Cartoon Forum

Finland had five successful animation projects at Cartoon Forum edition for 2017. Most Finnish projects were well covered by the industry media before the event, and especially Gigglebug’s new series Best & Bester got mentioned during the event many times by the online media and on-the-spot commentators.

Producers Pablo Jordi, Anttu Harlin and Petteri Pasanen were interviewed by C21 Fall edition, and asked about their opinions on interactive elements and video-on-demand viewing. Balloon Marco, that is a co-production between the Finnish Anima Pictures Entertainment and Japanese Global Arrow,  got picked up by Kidscreen for their July/August episode, meanwhile Best & Bester was reviewed by Kidscreen Daily on the September 13th and by Animation Magazine September the 17th and by Licencing Worldwide in pre-event updates.

Joonas and Anttu had an interactive pitch on Tuesday morning moderated by David Matamoros.

“The first reaction to our new project at Cartoon Forum gives a lot of confidence going forward,” says Anttu Harlin from Gigglebug Entertainment. “It was the response we were looking for really, but it always felt like a risk too. We were wondering, what’s going to be the temperature in the room when we share a few stories of something totally new and original? Laughter, laughter and more laughter, so we could not have asked for more.”

There was a line immediately after Tamsin and Leevi Lemmetty had pitched their new project.

For Ink & Light’s Tamsin Lyons Cartoon Forum is an always inspiring event: “We were delighted with the reaction to our pitch. We have started some exciting conversations about Hare and the Prisoner, and look forward to working with new partners on bringing the show to screens.” They also announced to partner with Pikkukala on their new series Royale Sisters also pitched at Cartoon Forum.

Juha Fiilin’s short film on Divine Consultants has gained lots of festival recognition.

Last Finnish pitch was brought by Filmimaa production company. “Divine Consultants’ core target is 11 to 16 year olds – this target group is no longer such a challenge as it has been for many years. If Netflix, Amazon Prime and HBO Nordic are already in this market, there was also an interest by Catalonian TVC, Croatian HRT and at Film Fund Luxemburg. French students, that I talked to in Toulouse, were big fans of  Franck Pitiot who is onboard in this project,” rejoices Juha Fiilin.

Signy (2nd left) and Helga (centre) were pitching Tulipop with UK company Blink Industries.

Also Tuomas Sorjamaa from Kaiken Entertainment and ex-rovio head Nick Dorra with his new company Haruworks attended Cartoon Forum btw 11th and 14th of September. Finnanimation’s exec Liisa Vähäkylä felt very happy both for Finnish projects as well as for the Icelandic Tulipop, that had shown strength already in the lisencing market. “Considering the Nordic Animation as a brand, that we would also like to promote within Finnanimation, I think Tulipop has both the eternal and enchanting magic and contemporary values for equality in the same package,” Vähäkylä announces.

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