Radio Dolores got an award in Annecy

Radio Dolores, puppet animation directed by Katariina Lillqvist, was awarded the jury’s special prize at Annecy International animation festival. The prize was awarded for the best music and was donated by SACEM, Society of Authors, Composers and Publishers of Music in France.

The music of the film was performed by Kusti Vuorinen with his orchestra. The film is produced by Camera Cagliostro, together with Swedish and Czech co-producers.

There is the Swedish, Spanish, Czech, English and French versions of Radio Dolores available, and its German version is in process. The film represents Finland in the three-year A Train to Spain tour, that examines the Spanish Civil War in the eyes of Nordic volunteers. Radio Dolores bases on the stories from the Aaltonen shoe factory of Tampere, Finland, during the 1930s, when ordinary workers started to support the Republican Spain.

There is also a radio feature under the same title, in English and in Spanish, and an installation based on the set decorations, characters and sketches of the animation.

More info: www.atraintospain.com

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