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Pikkuli TV-series has received interest from all over the world. The animation series has presales to ten countries and Pikkuli will also appear on many different festivals around the world. The series is Pulcinella nominated in the category TV-series for Preschool at Cartoons of the Bay in Italy. Pikkuli will also be seen in the USA, at Chicago International Children’s Film Festival and in Canada, at Montreal International Animation Festival. Also, Goa Short Film Festival selected Pikkuli to their program. And that’s not all – Pikkuli’s second season and games are to be presented at Cartoon 360 this June in Barcelona, Spain.
Pikkuli is a little bird that plays and explores in a wonderful Scandinavian forest. He is afraid of flying, but he swims like a penguin and hops like a chicken. With the help of his family and his friends, Pikkuli finds his strength.

Pikkuli in a nutshell:

  • Based on the Finnish children’s book “Lennä Pikkuli, lennä!” (Aurinko kustannus OY 2009 “Fly Pikkuli, fly!”) written by Metsämarja Aittokoski
  • In development: TV-series, mobile apps & games and books
  • The series first season is 26x5min.
  • The series’ budget: app. 650 000 euros
  • Technique: 2D HD
  • The first game bundle includes three games
  • Game development financed by Tekes

The animation series Pikkuli and its mobile games are in production at Sun In Eye Production’s and Aittokoski Experience’s studio in Turku, Finland.

Pikkuli is a non-dilogue series and thanks to that, Pikkuli can effortlessly jump from one channel to the next, much like the classic animation Pingu.

Pikkuli’s distributor is Irish Monster Entertainment and they are specialized in non-dialogue TV-series for preschoolers.

Even if little Pikkuli is afraid of flying, he can – with the help of Monster Entertainment and the series universal “Byrdish”-language – travel all around the globe. Pikkuli has for example already reached South Korea!

Pikkuli is created by Metsämarja Aittokoski. She directs the TV-series together with Antti Aittokoski. The couple has previously produced TV and film content with children as target group to Finland’s national channels and to various clients in social- and health care. Pikkuli is their first animation series.

The Pikkuli production team is built up by interesting talents from the Finnish animation scene. Most of the animators have studied at Turku Arts Academy – a school that has two times won awards for being the best animation school.
The Pikkuli-animation is coproduced with the Spanish animation company Tomavistas. Tomavistas has earlier worked on the Emmy-nominated series “Ask Lara”.
Pikkuli’s mobile games use the animation series’ visual material and stories. They are being made together with game students from Turku Game Lab.
The series as well as the first mobile games and the upcoming books have been tested by the target group:

”At home we’re all crazy about Pikkuli. Both of the kids want to see and hear the stories again and again! They especially liked the voices of the Hazel Grouse family and the kids have been imitating the sound of the birds quite a lot. “Piikkuliii!” the youngest shouts as soon as he sees my phone (through which we have read and watched Pikkuli). You have succeeded!” Mother of 3-year-old boy and 5-year-old girl.

For more information:

Producer, director Metsämarja Aittokoski / +358 (0) 50 3003 513 / m.aittokoski@sunineye.com

Production secretary Katarina Sjöholm / office@sunineye.com

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