Pikkuli got 3 million Yuan funding from China

Preschool brand Pikkuli has secured funding of three million Yuan (approx. 390 000 euros) from China. It came as a reward in a pitching competion organized by a business accelerator programme last summer in Hangzhou, China.

The creators Metsämarja and Antti Aittokoski say that the money will be used in brand extensions and marketing to raise awareness not only in China but also elsethere in Asia. They have also set up a subsidiary in the Sino-Finnish Sci-Tech Industrial Park in China.

In September Metsämarja was also pitching Pikkuli’s Christmas special at Cartoon Forum. She tells that the channels that have not  acquired the original series got interested and came to talk after the successful pitching in Toulouse.

In addition to the animated series Pikkuli brand includes books, mobile apps, games and various licensed products. Some educational products have been developed in cooperation with university early education specialists highlighting the social-emotional learning.

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