Pikkuli character is expanding into the licensing business with enthusiasm

Pikkuli has signed with German licensing agent IPL at Brand Licensing Europe event, that took place in London early October. Agent Florian Gartner is excited about the potential that the character has and will take the products to all German speaking countries in Europe.

The series started broadcasting on popular German children’s channel KiKA in August 2016, and they will rerun it soon. The ratings on KiKa from 2016  are pretty amazing: Pikkuli was broadcasted at 7.55 AM and the average market share stood at 32 % for the viewer group of children 3 to 13 years old.

Altogether the series has been sold to more than 25 TV-channels and it has been screened in various film festivals too. Gartner is also looking for the German published to Pikkuli books.

“The core thing with Pikkuli’s character is the theme of learning, as the little bird is not learning to fly learning social things comforts it. Most of the stories we have developed are  about child’s everyday life, and we didn’t plan it to have any educational content in the first place, but it sort of came naturally and is expanding rapidly,” says Metsämarja Aittokoski, a producer, screenwriter and director. She has co-founded Sun in the Eye Productions and Aittokoski Experience Ltd companies that run the brand development in many platforms.

“Look at that cute little bird!”

In Brand Licensing Europe Pikkuli joined the characters parade and was represented at Agma stage. Pikkuli character got a lot of positive comments and  ble stand_suitcaseits preview selection from kids’ clothing to beautiful coloured suitcases raised much interest. As Pikkuli brand started with books, the latest in the book collection called Pikkuli’s Birthday is welcomed with happiness at the Helsinki Book Affair with the new publisher Kustannus Mäkelä.

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