New IPR fund starts in Finland

Great news for creative content producers! A new IPR fund starts in Finland, and unlike most media industry investors, who invest in media technology and platforms, IPR.VC is investing in media content. IPR.VC invests in scalable cross media products, which can be licensed and transferred for other delivery channels and interfaces and they can be modified and licensed for new purposes.

The initiative, which was started at a workshop by animation producers, was presented to Tekes Technology Fund in June 2014. This presentation of industry challenges led to several meetings until producers Petteri Pasanen and Tom Carpelan contacted private equity investors Tanu-Matti Tuominen, who talked to  Timo Argillanderand Jarkko Virtanen. They started to build a business plan for an IPR fund, not only for animations but all sorts of scalable media productions.

The fund has started on the 10th September 2015 with the capital worth 13M€, and can be raised in a year up to 20M euros. Tekes Venture Capital’s part is 6 M€, while the other investors include pension insurance companies, industrial investors and private family investment companies.

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