Moomins on the Riviera screened internationally at London Film Festival

Moomins on the Riviera was chosen to the official programme at London International film festival, that is held btw 8-19 October. The first festival screening on Saturday the 11th in Hackney Picturehouse was the first time that new Moomin feature was shown in front of the international audience. The reception was very positive. ”This is a beautifully created, quaint and lovely little film, filled with humour,” writes Wizard Radio. Also Screen Daily notifies Moomins in its article. English language voice actor for Moomin character Russel Tovey made also comment on the red carpet.

Producer Hanna Hemilä from Handle Productions was extremely happy about the full house in London:  ”This is fantastic, there could not be better culmination for Tove Jansson‘s 100th anniversary that has been celebrated all year in 2014.” Tickets are selling well also for the second screening that will take place in Odeon West End on Saturday the 18th at 3PM.

Moomins on the Riviera feature bases on Tove Jansson’s original comic strips, that were published as early as the 1950s’ on Evening News in London and around the Commonwealth countries. Tove also traveled with her mom Ham to Southern France, that makes some experiences true and lived. In Riviera the Moomin family stays in the majestic suite of Le Grand hotel. Moominpappa starts using the name “de Moomins” that gives the family an access in high society with many celebrities.  Snork Maiden is flattered by the famous playboy to make Moomin feeling jealous. He moves with Moominmamma to live under their own boat by the beach.

The movie has been directed by French Xavier Picard . The script is done by a group of writers including Leslie Stewart, Annina Enckell, Beata Harju, Hanna Hemilä ja Xavier Picard. International sales is taken care by Nicolas Eschbach from IndieSales. So far the movie has been sold to 30 countries, and it will premiere in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, France, Japan, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Macao, United Arab Emirates  and Israel during the winter 2014-2015.

In Finnish cinemas the film opened on Friday the 10th of October with very good results making it the absolute number one in Finland. More than 35 000 Finns have seen the film after its first weekend. 



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