Lifetime award for Katariina Lillqvist from Spain

Director Katariina Lillqvist’s 30 years on animation was awarded with the Master of Animation on Sunday 24th February at Animac festival in Catalonia, Spain. The festival also honored Finnish scriptwriter, director and producer with the retrospective show at the festival specializing in the art of stop motion animation. Her most recent animation film Radio Dolores have gathered large numbers of spectators in Spain as part of the Train of Spain tour.

Radio Dolores bases on the stories of Nordic volunteers in the international brigades of the Spanish Civil War between 1936 and 1939. In total, Lillqvist has made more than 20 stop motion animations that often include political commentary on minorities and different ethnical group.

At the moment, Lillqvist is developing the Museum of Romans in Lapinlahti area in Helsinki. She has also opened an Animation Museum in Teijo village near Salo.

Read more on the award from the festival home page.


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