GiGigglebug’s app success drives multiple sales for TV Series

Gigglebug’s pre-school apps have clocked over 500,000 downloads and now expands into a 26-part TV series with 10 countries pre-sold.

Gigglebug Entertainment announces start of production for it’s pre-school TV Series “Gigglebug” with 10 broadcasters on board and delivery in April 2016. The TV series follows the success of two Giggle-apps with #1 rankings in the Finnish, German, and Chinese app-stores, reaching +500,000 downloads.

The 26 x 5-minute preschool series is commissioned by YLE, Finland and SRF Switzerland. Gigglebug has pre-sold to Sweden (SVT), Denmark (DR), Iceland (RUV), Hungary (TV2), Croatia (HRT), Ceska (Czech Republic), Estonia (ERR), Israel (HOP).

Prior to delivering the TV series, Gigglebug Entertainment has three new apps and scheduled for global release in 2015. The TV-series is centred around Gigglebug, a tiny creature whose infectious laughter unlocks the talents of his young forest friends. Finnish pre-school pedagogy lies within: a positive attitude helps you do anything better.

The show is written by creators Joonas Utti & Anttu Harlin, pre-school pedagogist Tuire Harjola and Baboon Animation’s Jymn Magon & Mike de Seve.

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