Gigglebug got half a million investment from IPR.VC fund

Among the first seven investments, that the private equity fund IPR.VC announced on Friday the 5th of February, is Gigglebug Entertainment Ltd. The company makes positive digital content for children, says the announcement on the IPR.VC website.

Gigglebug, or Kikattava Kakkiainen in Finnish, has so far been implemented to television, books and apps. The company is also strongly developing new children’s content, both animated series and features.

“This investment is very important for the growth of our company,” cheers CEO and founder Anttu Harlin. “Now we are able to start making the 2nd season for Gigglebug with 52 episodes, expand our app portfolio and develop even more great content”. Harlin will also join the Kidscreen Summit in Miami btw 8th and 11th Feb.

The private equity fund IPR.VC makes both equity and debt investments in the initial design of products, production and marketing. It invests mainly in Finnish companies making digital content of various forms from TV shows to movies, from games and animation to multi-channel format.

The fund has grown since its inception in September 2015 from 13 million to 16.6 million euros. New investors include Etera, Lyy-Invest Oy and the OP Bank Group. The fund’s first investors were Tekes Venture Capital, Gerako, Circulos Meos Ltd, Farmers’ Pension Insurance, Mariatorp, Seamen’s Pension Fund, Tradeka-invest Ltd and the VR Pension Fund. The fund is expected to grow over 20 million euros this spring.

The other six investments by IPR.VC Fund, initiated at the Finnanimation’s strategy workshop in 2014, are mostly tv series based on popular Finnish novels. However, there is also a couple of game companies working on the comic style games and tv series.

“We are delighted that there is promising content in the field for investment opportunities and that the fund has been positively welcomed by the industry. In the near future there will be more investments and development loans, ranging in size from 10K to a million, says the partner Timo Argillander from IPR.VC.

More info on the selected projects on ipr.vc.

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