Fleak won the Eurimages development award in Cartoon Movie 2020

Eurimages Co-production Development Award has been conferred upon Fleak. The jury annouced that “this story about resilience, told with a hint of magic and in a very artistic, original way, has fresh and innovative approach, and makes it possible to broach a sensitive and moving topic that can make a real difference.”

The feature in development will be produced by Finnish Anima Vitae and directed by Danish Jens Møller, animation director will be Luca Bruno and art director Mikko Pitkänen.  Co-producers include Poland’s Animoon, France’s Godo Films and Malaysia’s Anima Point, that is fully owned by the Finnish as an Asia affiliate of the mother company often titled as “Europe’s Pixar” for its excellent 3D quality and fast production pipeline that shows up in both Rovio’s Stella and Gutsy’s Moominvalley productions, both gained numerous awards worldwide.

In Bordeaux the team was joint by Danish Parka Pictures, who has been looking for an opportunity to work with Anima for a long time according to Lilian Klages (see in the small picture far right). Other people from the left Shieh Yuin Pang from Anima Point Malaysia, Antti Haikala from Anima Point Finland, Joëlle Caroline from Godo Films and Noora Kuronen Anima Helsinki.

The Eurimages jury was made up of Karin Schockweiler (Film Fund Luxembourg), Julia Müntefering (Telepool – Germany) and Eric Geay (SND – France).

Aimed at a family audience 3D movie, Fleak will revolve around 12-year-old Lauri, who, while trying too hard to get his older siblings’ attention, falls badly and loses his ability to walk. Now Lauri is stuck at home, lonelier than he ever was. Just then, a helpful furry creature from another dimension appears and takes him on a fantasy adventure.

See the Gallery for the winning teaser for Fleak.

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