Five Finnish projects are going to be pitched at Cartoon Forum 2019

After one year from the Spotlight on Finland at Cartoon Forum there will be five projects from Finland that will be pitched in Toulouse in September. Total +80 new TV projects have been selected for around 1000 sector professionals to review. The full list of selected projects will be online by mid-June on Cartoon website.

CF is the biggest pitching and co-pro event for animated TV projects. Since 1990 774 series have found financing with  a total budget of 2,7 billion EUR at the biggest Cartoon event.

Finnish projects for the 2019 edition include:

  • Goodnight Mr. Clutterbuck by APE (Anima Pictures Entertainment)
  • MiniMecs by Ferly, with Canadian coproducers Yellow Animation and Zephyr Animation
  • Fact & Fiction by Plotwise, created by Sami Nikki
  • Pikkuli and the Starlight Reindeer by Sun In Eye Productions
  • Worst Best Friends by Haruworks.

Modest and well-mannered goat, MR. CLUTTERBUCK is blissfully unaware of his reputation as the busiest sleepwalker in Pawchester Town. He is a timid gentleman by day and a fearless, sleepwalking adventurer at night. Mr. Clutterbuck’s pet, Gus The Guinea Pig and the tiny little Spider who lives in his cupboard, are trying their best to keep snoring Mr Clutterbuck safe during his audacious trips. Anything can and will happen when Mr. Clutterbuck hits the dark streets of his hometown.

Want to know a little secret? In every home around the world, a tiny team with mighty skills, called “MiniMecs”, make sure everything in your house runs smoothly and trouble free. When it doesn’t, the MiniMecs quietly spring into action and make everything rightand humans dont have a clue they existuntil now. Uh Oh! These little guys are about to cause a whole lot of trouble! MINIMECS to the Max! Target 5 to 8 year olds.

FACT & FICTION is an animated series with three and half minute episodes where two friends, Marcy and the Professor, have decided to make their own “YouTube” weekly programme, called Fact and Fiction, that they film and broadcast from their living room. Each week they present a puzzle or question to the audience and sometimes the solution. Their intent is to make an educational programme, however, due to their desire for adventure, the programme often derails into structured chaos. After the dust settles, everything works out and the characters have learnt something new about the world.

PIKKULI THE STARLIGHT REINDEER is a wonderful story filled with Christmas magic and beauty of Nordic winter. Stars and deer fly and dreams seem to come true. In this exciting adventure the children set up an expedition to find the true Christmas in the form of the Starlight Reindeer.

“Everyone’s invited to misadventure with neighbours-and-classmates Fox-Peter, Cheese-Moutard, Pomps and co as they battle small stuff apocalypse and soar seven heavens.” WORST BEST FRIENDS is a 52 x 11 minutes series targeted at 7-11 year-old kids and is based on the children’s novel by Miikka Pörsti.

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