First Dibiacademy opened on the 12th of October 2017 in Beijing

Blue Harbor shopping center in Beijing hosts the first early childhood education center for young people based on the Finnish-Chinese animation brand Dibidogs. 450 square meters of space will be devoted in the afternoons one hour at a time for half a year period to practice arts and other subjects from music to maths, sports and nature in a holistic way. Parents will accompany the smaller kids, meanwhile older ones stay alone with Finnish school system qualified teachers. The teaching language is English, that will be translated with the local assistant teachers.

The original characters and stories of Dibidogs were developed by the very own children of Pia and Jim Solatie, while they were traveling around United States by the car. Those have been further developed in the creativity workshops held by Pia and Jim in various countries. Since the Chinese-Finnish coproduction of the animated tv series started in many networks it has been hugely popular from Guangzhou to Shanghai, from Beijing to Astana and Bangkok, where it has been Thailand’s no. 1 favorite for children.

Eventually the branded early childhood education center for 0-5 year old kids will be constituted from six centers in Beijing and there in Shanghai. More centers are even planned to be opened in Chinese 1st and 2nd tier cities as the expansion may take on according to the franchising principles.

All teacher were recruited from Finland in Summer 2017, and nine Finnish masters specialized in early education have joined the exciting startup in the Chinese capital. The holistic learning plan the school follows means that all the subjects are combined and not taught separately. So you do not have to take your child first to the music class and next to the sports class!

Now the Dibiacademy board director Johan Storgård from ACE-production has been helping with the contacts with Chinese authorities and financiers too. The Finnish minister for education Sanni Grahn-Laasonen also visited the first Dibiacademy early October a short while before it got opened as a part of her promotional trip.

Learn more at www.dibiacademy.com

See the Chinese news video.



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