Futurecode’s greatest hit, the Dibidogs is celebrating again! The first Dibidogs design clothing store opened its doors to kids and families in Tangshan, China. The aim is to open over 30 similar shop-in-shop stores in the most prestigious malls around the country.

Recently Dibidogs has also concluded a deal with the Finnish brand icon Fazer in promoting Fazer’s xylitol products in China.

The Dibidogs is an animated television series originated from children’s ideas. The idea of the series is to celebrate children’s creativity and create a forum where kids around the world are welcome to enjoy and share their creative powers.

The Dibidogs has gained over 50 million viewers worldwide in 32 countries. In China it is broadcast nationwide on CCTV Kids (China Central Television), on the main satellite networks (Xuendong, Jinying etc.) and on the biggest provincial stations (Southern TV, SMG etc.). Dibidogs is also doing great in other countries. For example in Thailand it was the most watched kids program in the whole country in autumn 2013!

For more information, please visit This is The Dibidogs

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