Power Animals United




Thatcher Mines
+358 50 4406277

Power Animals United was founded by two sisters and their husbands. As we have been brought together in love for each other, our goal is to work with projects, individuals and companies that make the world a better a place. We develop concepts into brands & formats, and bring them to international markets. Areas of expertise:

  • Concept development & pitch bibles for animation, tv shows and formats
  • Product development, branding, and design management
  • Script writing, story editing & script doctoring
  • Language support & project management for Russian and Finnish projects & co-productions: translations of scripts, notes, creative discussions
  • English voice-casting + dubbing for animation (from low-budgets to Hollywood celebrity talent)
  • Building international distribution & partnerships
  • Consumer products and licensing
  • YouTube and digital

Now consulting on international licensing consumer product strategy for Kid-e-Cats with APC Kids, CTC Russia and Metra Films, as well as operating as an independent co-producer for Little Wild Worlds series in its co-production financing and script development. Developed by Studio Outo 52 x 7 episodes series aims also to strategic educational partnerships on the subject, arctic animals surviving in extreme conditions.