Filmkompaniet Alpha Ab


Laivasillankatu 14 A 4
00140 Helsinki


Tom Carpelan

We like to think out-of-the-box, differently, and we like to develop concepts others have not thought of. Among the firsts, already in 2007, we started to restore and develop the Finnish heritage Brand “The Moomins” footage, a real vintage-collection with zestful, high-profile, and elegant looks, which we highly improved from the original produced by the Oscar winning studio Se-Ma-For back in the 1970’s. The result so far: a 78 part TV-series in HD and two movies. The latter movie Moomins and the Comet Chase was the first Scandinavian 3D-movie with talents like Björk (title song), Max von SydowAlexander SkarsgårdMads MikkelsenStellan Skarsgård and Peter Stormare in the voice cast. Distribution is settled in over 80 countries including USA, UK, France, Japan, China, Brazil. Now we have new things, too, on our minds, you will hear about them soon…