Fiilin Good Films


Juhana-herttuan tie 5 A 21
00600 Helsinki (London-Barcelona)


Juha Fiilin
+358 440 878 900

‘Divine Consultants – The Beginning’, an animated story created by Fiilin Good Films, takes place in a dystopian sci-fi world. It has been launched in May 2019 at YLE Areena. The London premiere happened in February the 29th in 2020. 18 episodes are also availabe on You Tube. The pilot short of Divine Consultants has been chosen to 40 different international film festivals gaining so far 10 awards and 8 nominations for a winner. Currently we are about to go in production with Joy Eternal fully animated 2d series with Spain and Canada as co-production countries. In addition, we are in development with Earth 2.0 feature animation and taking part of Bridging the Dragon project lab with the project.