Camera Cagliostro


Ahotie 42 B (Mikulandska 6)
33800 (110 00) Tampere (Praha 1, Czechland)


Viktor Mayer

Independent film and art production company Camera Cagliostro was founded in 1992 in Prague by Finnish-born director Katariina Lillqvist. Later it converted into the form of co-operative and was registered in Tampere, Finland, on 1999. Since then Cagliostro has grown into a medium-sized, international production house with  in six EU countries. The company philosophy of Cagliostro is strongly based on multicultural thesis. It produces films, that tell stores from Roma communities, refugees as well as underground artists. The name of Cagliostro is a hommage to late Finnish painter and sculptor Juhani Harri who described the life of mysterious Count Cagliostro many times in his dark and surrealistic works. Currently Cagliostro owns an animation studio in Czechland and hosts the Museum of Puppet Art in Lapinlahti culture area in central Helsinki, with the permanent collection of the puppets, decorations and props from company┬┤s Czech-Finnish co-productions from the years 1991-2013. The 2D animation short Edith (2010) is directed by Taru Varpumaa and commissioned by YLE TV1 Co-productions.