Böhle Studios




Elli Vuorinen
Director, Head of Animation
+358 44 565 8415

Jani Lehto
Executive Producer, Head of Sound
+358 44 530 5536


Böhle Studios is a new boutique production house, founded in 2019, based at Böhle farm in Piikkiö, between Turku and Helsinki. The courtyard consist of sound studio and stop motion studio, 2D work spaces and residences for accommodation. We develop our own creative material and are also open to co-productions and commissioned work. Böhle Studios is founded by Elli Vuorinen and Jani Lehto. Elli has made 6 short films and has over 10 years of experience in different animation productions. Jani is the head of sound. His barn studio is perfect place for sound design, mixing and composing for film, UX sound and music production. At the moment Böhle Studios has a short animation and a TV series in development.