Bigger Picture kick-offed with 5 animation projects

Increasing number of Finnish producers are interested in China market, and numerous joint projects are already under way from Dibidogs‘ 2nd season to Iron Sky: The Ark. Supported by the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture, Bigger Picture project jointly managed by Creative Export Innovations and Elisa NordicTV promotes Finnish productions and Finnish talent in soon-to-be the biggest media market in the world. The initiative aims to assist with market entry and in finding film and TV producers suitable partners in China. Along the project the co-production treaty with China is on the way between the ministers of Finland and China.

The call for projects resulted in applications from over 30 companies. The participants were selected November 5, 2018 and has both animation and live action companies along.  The participating companies include Anima Pictures Entertainment, Ink & Light, Långfilm Productions Finland Oy, MRP Matila Röhr Productions Oy, Plotwise Ltd and Sun In Eye Productions.

Bigger Picture team consists of Kati Nuora as a project leader, Jani Joenniemi from EARS and China consultant Mikko Puustinen, all in the picture below presenting the project at Finnish Film Affrair in September 2018.

“There is an enormous need for content especially at the OTT platforms but also by the regular media,” says Joenniemi. Puustinen thinks that China with its sensorship bureaucracy is not an impossible market to enter; however, there is a challange to fit in and find interesting partners.


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