Anima’s film projects going forward as the company celebrates 20th anniversary

Following successful presence at Cartoon Movie, Anima Vitae’s 3D animated feature film project Fleak has taken major steps forward and the production is expected to start next year. A deal memo of international sales has been signed and more details of this will be announced later.

After two successful movies about reindeer boy Niko, Anima is preparing a third Niko movie that is currently in early development stage. A promising 2nd version of the script is ready and the 3rd version is in the works. Marteinn Thorisson, who was also part of the first two Niko movies, has joined the script writing team.

Anima Vitae has been one of the leading animation studios in Nordic countries for two decades. The company was founded 2000 and celebrates its 20th anniversary this year. Anima’s studios in Helsinki and Kuala Lumpur (since 2013) have produced over 8000 minutes of aired 3D animation including feature films, TV series and commercials. Anima’s latest large-scale project has been the hugely successful Moominvalley TV series. Anima, as a service studio in this case, has produced everything from layout to light and comp for Moominvalley’s first and second season.

Anima is hoping to host a party later this year to celebrate the company anniversary.

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