All records get broken this May as AB movie opens

The Angry Birds movie opens throughout Europe on the 13th of May. The budget for the film is 90 million US dollars, that exceeds any European animation movie. Rovio has also announced to put 100 million US dollars on the marketing of the film. According to the Finnish distributor anyone ever been to the cinema or known to the cinematic art will know about the movie.

The movie itself is a bit of background history why birds are so angry to pigs, but it will also present some new characters not yet familiar either from games or toons. There are already rumours that new series might be in planning based on those.

The film is mostly made in 3D animation; however, there will be a few 2D sequences in art-deco style, that have been made completely in the studio in Espoo Finland by a dream team, that almost any animation studio employee could join. The secrets of this episode were revealed at the Animtricks Film Festival on Saturday the 23rd of April by the producer Joonas Rissanen and the director Meruan Salim.

Rovio’s success in games and licensing has been enormous since the launch of the first Angry Birds mobile game in 2009. Since then most of the games have sold billions around the world making Angry Birds the most popular mobile game in the world. The film has been also sold to all territories worldwide. America and China get their premiere both on the 20th of May. In Japan the film opens in fall.


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