Albi The Snowman has gained success in Chinese ´Netflix´

Each 5-minute sequence in the 26 episode series has accumulated more than 15 million downloads in China´s biggest VOD service provider iQYI. The numbers were reached over a short period of time and got increased by about 1,000 to 2,000 downloads per hour.

The popular animation series Albi The Snowman is based on the character created by Hima Light Ltd, and the creators Markus Majaluoma and Mikko Kunnas. A lovable funny snowman who lives in the land of eternal snow. It keeps on building all kinds of inventions from snow with its two most closest friends, the little bird living in a can and a tiny worm.

There is already two seasons finished from the series and the third one is in production; moreover, the special Christmas season is also in development!

Albi Snowman has been presented in nearly 30 countries, and this year distribution rights have also been sold to Latin and Central America. The series can be seen on the YLE Children’s Arena. It has been coproduced with YLE, and financed by Finnish Film Foundation, Nordisk Film & TV Fund, Nordvision and The Church Media Foundation.

For more information:
Maria Kivinen, Sales Representative, General Sales, tel. +358 40 544 2404, maria.kivinen@yle.fi
Jukka Kaivola, Manager, General Sales, tel. +358 400 446 881, jukka.kaivola@yle.fi.

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