Albi Snowman travels to China

Yle SALES has granted WeKids exclusive distribution rights in Greater China to 26 episodes of its popular animated series “Albi, The Snowman.”

Yle Sales is partnering with WeKids to introduce its hit show, Albi the Snowman, to the Chinese market. WeKids has acquired the rights to distribute the show across a variety of TV broadcasters and VOD platforms throughout mainland China, Hong-Kong, Taiwan and Macau.

Albi, the Snowman” (26×5’ HD), is a leading animation property not only in Finland, but in more than 27 countries around the world. Albi is a jovial snowman, who lives in the land of eternal snow, together with a little birdie and a worm. To Albi, home is where the snow is and so he builds his home out of snow. Production of a second season is just about to be completed, and a third season is in development.

“We are happy to be granted the opportunity to bring this delightful property to the children and families of Greater China. Albi has all the characteristics that Chinese audiences love: adorable characters, high-quality animation, simple but engaging stories, and most important to Chinese parents, positive social and emotional messaging that is developmentally appropriate to pre-schoolers. This TV series is beautifully made by Himalight Ltd. for Yle, and we are confident that Albi will become an enduring favorite with the Chinese public,” says Sean Chu, Founder and CEO of WeKids.

“We are delighted to begin our cooperation with WeKids, a leading agent and distributor of foreign animation in the Chinese market. We think that our unique series, Albi the Snowman, will travel well in the territories of mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau. The series presents a unique Finnish world of snow, with its exceptionally funny and memorable characters of the Snowman and his friend, a little birdie, created by the wonderful artists Markus Majaluoma and Mikko Kunnas. We believe the series will have great appeal to Chinese children and family audiences that will be reached under this exclusive representation,” says Maria Kivinen, Sales Executive of Yle SALES.

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